Just a little blueberry info...

Most experts agree that blueberries are the healthiest fruit. Blueberries have been found to have one of the highest ORAC values of any food in the world. What does that mean? Well ORAC is a rating system for antioxidant power. Scientists look at how all the different phytochemicals and antioxidants in a given food perform together and then give an overall rating to the food based on its performance. Think of a sports team. A championship team doesn't win a championship just because it has good players. It becomes outstanding because of how well they work together as a group. The best teams are more than just the sum of their individual players. Well, it's the same thing with antioxidants. The ORAC rating looks at how well the antioxidants in a given food work together and how much protection and value they give you when taken as a group in that particular food. And one of the highest scorers of all time is blueberries. Blueberries are low in sugar. They're high in fiber. And research is constantly revealing their almost magical healing properties.


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